Smart Car Shoppers is your step-by-step guide to buying a new car!

What's included?

  1. Instructions, checklists and advice to help you avoid costly mistakes
  2. Research information to help you select a car
  3. Budget calculator to prevent overextending your finances
  4. Trade-in advice to help get the most for your trade-in
  5. Detailed steps for purchasing a new car
  6. Side-by-side comparisons of dealers’ quotes
  7. Negotiation with local dealerships
  8. Unlimited time to purchase the right car at the best price

How it works:

  1. Join Smart Car Shoppers (satisfaction guaranteed)
  2. Utilize budget calculators & recommendations
  3. Select vehicles that meet your requirements
  4. Employ dealerships to compete for your business
  5. Receive competing quotes from as many dealers as you choose
  6. Evaluate and compare quotes side-by-side
  7. Choose the best deal
  8. Obtain detailed advice before visiting the dealership for sale completion

A Smart Car Shoppers membership is 100% free and guarantees that you will save thousands on your next car purchase!